Method and Length of Treatment

Though our Neurofeedback technology is sophisticated, the sessions are relaxing and simple. Sensors containing a conductive paste are placed on each side of the head as well as two on each ear. No electrical or other input is used. The sensors pick up impulses from your brain and these impulses are relayed into our computer. Your task is simply to watch a video image on a monitor while you listen to sounds or music. (There is a selection of sound and video to suit your taste) When our computer program senses that your brain waves are outside of the optimal range, the music and video will stop briefly. Your central nervous system, which orients around difference, will automatically shift your brain waves to restore the sounds and images. No effort is required on your part. All you need to do is relax in a comfortable chair. In fact, conscious effort will usually interfere with a natural progression toward brain wave harmony.

The number of sessions varies and usually range from 20 to 36 or more. There is no standard answer to the number of sessions required to achieve individual goals. Indeed, there are some people for whom Neurofeedback is not the most effective tool. Some individuals will reach their outcome in 5 to 10 sessions some people will have 60 or more. Ideally, you would be able to have two to three sessions weekly. However, if you have busy work and/or family commitments, it is possible to have only one session per week.


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